Me llamo Ferran Capo y vivo en Barcelona. Este es mi blog y todo lo que sale en el lo he hecho yo o he participado en su realización. Me dedico a la imagen y sus alrededores, visita mi web. Visuales, diseño gráfico, ilustración, murales, vídeos, animaciones…


Hi! my name is Ferran Capo and this is my blog, all you’ll see here is made by me (or I participated in some way on the projects shown). Check  my web please. Living in Barcelona, Spain. I develop several disciplines, mostly image related work. Graphic Design, Illustration, Video, Photography, Product Design and Art Stuff.

See ya ’round!


3 responses to “Hello!

  1. Hi,

    my name is louis and i work for a french TV show called ” Les films faits à la maison” on Canal+.
    I’m glad to say that we have selected ” Retrovision” to be in the next show.
    So if you could send me i mail with your email and your phone number so you can talk that you be great.

    PS: it’s quite urgent


    Louis Comar
    Les films faits a la maison
    14 rue crespin du gast
    75011 paris
    tel: 01 43 55 56 77
    fax: 01 43 5515 53

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