Cover for BCN MES

055BCNMES_01.jpg“Startups: are local tech startups ready for a global arena?”
My cover illustration for the last issue of BCNMES magazine.



My own Fermi Paradox

If our society is already leaving reality to spend as much time possible “online”, let’s fast forward some years into the future, VR taking over easily on reality, nobody interested in truth or reality anymore, why spend time on it? And as soon as you have the resources or a free energy generator to acquire the almost infinite resources of the Universe, why spend time on material richness? Let’s all get hooked up into super advanced VR and fuck the rest. Let’s say an “advanced” alien civilization “thinks” in any way similar to us… they would be living in VR for a long time now, not even interested in material affairs and even less in a boring specie as ours which still has to get connected to the “real” VR online network they may have running out there. Let’s imagine we can create a more interesting and amusing and entertaining experience than reality itself, we are already trying very hard on achieving it – at least for the “general” masses who seem not interested in “reality” or “truth” – so let’s think what this possible aliens may have created for themselves… where the fuck are they? they are online man, playing videogames, and their Rockstar GTA is far way more interesting and fulfilling than ours, they don’t give a damn of our existence -because it’s fucking boring – or anything “existing”, they would be only interested in their own”generated / created / designed ” realities. This of course if they have succeed in switching material bodies for eternity, pretty plausible, or even discovered how to transfer consciousness into a virtual support, not that easy to imagine even for your futuristic dystopian thinker of 2016 – that would be me, yes.

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The Belt


One of my last comics in BCN Mes magazine.

Fin de la primera parte.


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